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Study Paper 1a: Intellectual Property and Economic Development: Lessons from American and European History. Author: Zorina Khan.

Study Paper 1b: Intellectual Property Rights, Technology and Economic Development: Experiences of Asian Countries. Author: Nagesh Kumar.
Study Paper 2a: WTO TRIPS Agreement and Its Implications for Access to Medicines in Developing Countries. Author: Frederick Abbott.

Study Paper 2b: Using Innovative Action to Meet Global Health Needs through Existing Intellectual Property Regimes. Author: Hannah Kettler.
Study Paper 3a: Access to Genetic Resources, Gene-based Inventions and Agriculture. Author: Dwijen Rangnekar.

Study Paper 3b: Access to Genetic Resources, Gene-based Inventions and Agriculture. Author: Michael Blakeney.

Study Paper 3b: Supporting Documents.
Study Paper 5: Copyright, Software and the Internet. Author: Alan Story.

Study Paper 5: Supporting Document: Appendix 4 (pdf format only)
Study Paper 7: Implementation of the TRIPS agreement by Developing Countries. Author: Phil Thorpe.
Study Paper 8: Developing Countries and International IP Standard-Setting. Author: Peter Drahos.
Study Paper 9: Institutional and Capacity Issues in Developing Countries. Author: Tom Pengelly & Mart Leesti.

Study Paper 9: Supporting Documents.
Study Paper 10: Human Genome Patents and Developing Countries. Author: Sivaramjani Thambisetty.

Other Commission documents are available: